Friday, September 3, 2010

Understanding This Blog...

This blog is a portfolio of my work produced in 2010. Over the year, I have (as a Journalism 3 student at Rhodes University specialising in radio) been working on various projects involved with news and current affairs, community development and climate change.

On each page in my blog, you will find the following:

Page 1- News and Current Affairs:
Podcast- G News
Profile- I Have Won My Battle
Local News- City Pirates Strength to Strength

Page 2- Development and Climate Change:
Development- The SPCA
Climate Change- Solar Power and Aviation

Page 3- Essays
Personal Philosophy
Personal Reflection
Reflective Report
The Media Landscape

Page 4- Intro to Radio Studies

Page 5- Intro to Radio Production 

I have learnt many different skills over the course of the year, which I go into more detail in the reflection pieces, and I can take the lessons learnt with great confidence into my final year of studies next year, and into the work environment in years to come.

Thank you for taking interest in my work, and I hope you like what you see!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Reflective Report

The media play an important role in shaping the publics beliefs of the significance of climate change. “Public perception and attitudes with regard to those domains are significantly influenced by representations…conveyed by the press” (Carvalho 2007:223). But what should the media be doing?

The SPCA Development Piece

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the SPCA, is an animal shelter 4 kilometers outside of Grahamstown. It is known by few within the community of Grahamstown, yet the SPCA do so much for the animals in the town, and also a substantial amount for the community. So how does the SPCA rescue the animals? Linda Nel, training inspector and manager of SPCA, enlightens us.

The Future for Solar Power and Aviation

On the 10th of July 2010, a solar powered plane embarked on the first successful 24 hour flight. While many people might consider this a strange exercise for aviators, this historic event could be the beginning of an important turn around in our demand for fossil fuels.

The Media Landscape

South African broadcasting is a product of history. “The current material and technological framework of broadcasting is the result of apartheid policies” (Barnett, 1999:649). Broadcasting was heavily invested in for propaganda purposes, which has contributed to the infrastructure that can be seen in many radio stations today.

City Pirates- From Strength To Strength

The Makana Football League has just concluded, and the newly crowned champions City Pirates are hoping to build on what has been a successful season.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Personal Reflection

We decided as a team to report on Julius Malema’s outburst, the potential closing down of the old gaol, the SAMWU strikes, a soccer cinema in the township and local music on radio stations. We felt that our choices covered a range of issues to interest a diverse range of cultural groups.